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Simon Skillings is Director of Trilemma UK Ltd and has over 35 years experience in the UK energy market. Much of this time has been spent developing business strategy and influencing regulatory and policy frameworks including 5 years spent as Director of Strategy and Energy Policy at E.ON UK. He can bring unparalleled insights to help companies win in the competitive market and ensure Governments and regulators implement effective policy interventions. He is currently a senior associate with environmental think-tank E3G and a teaching associate at Warwick Business School.

Trilemma UK Ltd

Trilemma UK provides a unique source of advice and guidance to Government and regulatory bodies, new entrants and existing market players, on a wide variety of regulatory, policy or strategic issues affecting UK and European energy markets. 

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The energy market is a political market and political markets can be diffucult to understand. Difficult for businesses trying to develop and implement strategy against a backcloth of constant government intervention and difficult for Governments who are trying to ensure businesses take the actions necessary to deliver policy objectives. 

The objective of Trilemma UK Ltd. is to help businesses create sustainable competitive advantage through understanding and managing the intervention risks they face and to help policy makers devise good policy interventions that will lead to the outcomes they desire. 

Whilst there are many ways to train staff effectively within a business, there is a lack of training opportunities for those expected to understand and manage policy risk. Simon has, therefore, developed a unique training package to help fill this gap.

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