The actions of Governments and Regulators have a huge impact on energy company profits.

So why are there no courses available to help the teams responsible for managing this risk?

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Working as a lecturer on the Warwick Business School Energy MBA programme, Simon has created a unique package of tools and techniques designed to help energy businesses.

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Understand how organisational business and policy shaping strategies interact


Structure approach to managing policy and regulatory risk

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Achieve goals through levereging the actions of others



This material is now available to form the basis of bespoke training sessions for policy, regulation and public affairs teams within energy companies.

And this opportunity has already been taken up by a number of both large and small companies. 

Typical sessions last 1/2 day and are divided into 2 parts:

  • Part 1 - The toolkit
  • Part 2 - Apply theory to a particular issue of strategic importance

For more details on organising a training workshop, contact Simon on 01926 842016 or