Selection of Recent Publications

Power market reform - What are the issues?: New Power UK, Issue 18, July 2010

Seizing the opportunity: Setting us on a path to a low carbon electricity system: Towards a bright future: Transforming the electricity market; Green Alliance; November 2010

The Big Issues for Electricity Market Reform: New Power UK, Issue 28, May 2011

Beyond capacity markets - Delivering Capability Resources to Europe’s Decarbonised Power System: 9th International Conference of European Energy Market EEM12, Florence, 10-12 May, 2012

Waiting for Godot, New Power, Issue 46, November 2012

Demand response and Europe's energy market, E!, May 2013

The future of existing coal plant in GB and implications for security of supply and affordability, Paper prepared for the European Climate Foundation, October 2013

Could retaining old coal lead to a policy own goal; Gross, Speirs, Hawkes, Skillings and Heptonstall, October 2014

Transmission planning and regional power market integration, The opportunities for UK Energy Policy, Skillings and Strbac, November 2015

The new energy challenge, Cornwall Insight, Energy Spectrum 581, August 2017

Exploring Policy and Regulatory Risk in Energy, Cornwall Insight, Energy Spectrum 615, April 2018

Making deep decarbonisation a reality, Energy Post, January 2019

What EU innovation policy can learn from professional cycling, Euractive, April 2019

Managing crises by learning fast - from COVID-19 to climate, Foresight Climate and Energy, April 2020